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Lovely work! Will be using this background in my game and if i t makes any income I'll be sure to come back and donate!


Hi! I plan to use your designs in my Destiny Oblivion game


I'd like to use these in Unity but cannot find any tutorials for how to use tilesets in this format. Can anyone recommend any? 

For example: do I need to manually separate the tree from the foreground to use this tileset, or am I missing something? 

What are the black and white squares in the tileset png good for? 

(I've tried googling for answers to these but am a total noob in 2D gamedev and using tilemaps. Unity's standard tutorials for tilemaps seem to be not exactly what I need here)

Awesome stuff. Love all your assets. Is it cool if I use them in a game?


are you okay if i put your project to my game