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love those animations (smooth)





Hi! I came back and used your pack again in my game Green Bot, can't get enough of it!

спасибо, просто бомба

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Hello! I used this pack in a game I made recently, thank you so much for creating it!

Here is the game: Pumpkin Party

really good thanks

The pack is very well-made and diverse. I used some of the explosions for my game Chasing Love, as submission for a course in University.

these are amazing! Thank you! Im making a game and I used your explosions for it, feel welcome to check it out.

Thanks, Cool game!

saved my bacon when running out of time on this jam entry Somethings on moon colony 6 by TeePeeDee ( superb sprite set

i love u so mush

I just used this in a game jam game called Eye of Doooom


Michael Bay is proud of u


Thank you for making this! I used it in my game: Power Jump. I have added you in Credits


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Thank you for making this! I used it in my Ludum Dare 46 game because I was having trouble making explosions myself.

Yet again I used your explosions in my game, this time in Cast-n-Blast. Thank you for your work!

Thank you for your work, I used most of the explosions in my game for Ludum Dare 45.


you are welcome!

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Very nice pixel art!


Thanks, what program did you do this?

Nice art can you art use my game?

We used one of these explosion assets in a submission for the GMTK Game Jam 2019.

Thank you!




Big fan. Used some pieces from this and another set of yours for a game jam. Thanks so much for your hard work!

You are welcome and thank you for using them.

Wish I could pay for it, but I don't have any money. Anyway, I'll put the credits on my project.


Thank you a lot!!!! this would make my game look awesome! Will put you on the credits for sure!!

can I use that in a game that I would sell on stores ? I wouldn't sell the assets I will sell the game that I made with the assets.


Yes, you can do that from  all of my assets. 

looks greats

What about license? CC-0 or CC-3?


Creative Commons Attribution v4.0 International

good art, ty ^^

Hi I used one of your explosions one more time in this game (I just like them so much)

Let me know what do you think!


These explosions sprite sheets are the best, I used them for a small project I am working on, you can check it here:

I am also using some of you background assets; let me know what do you think.


Hey Dude i am using some of your art but i cant pay for it because i dont have a way of getting money ( im still pretty young ) I feel really bad about it so I just wanted to say I am sorry >.< for not paying for such awesome assets

This pack is not free ? :(

think you so mush .your work is the top