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Great work! I made a demo with GothicVania series .

yo, je suis Domkid de la Z-Team et j'aime tes illustrations,

Je l'ai utilisé pour mon jeu Maria Renard's Revenge :


Good work!

Hi there! 😁 I was wondering since I am a patron of yours that puts my name in your games, would you include my name in the older games or the most recent game of yours? Also is it applying to all the games in the future as well? 

Hi, thank you for your support, unfortunately this tier will include your name in current and future games only. 

I dont thave the time to update the past games sorry for this.

Is there any way I can just buy the player sprite with the animations?

I ll see if I prepare a pack for that.

Oh ok, I understand. Thank you.

Ok here

Gothicvania Bridge Heroine Sprites

Awesome, thank you very much! I appreciate you doing that!

Voy a usar mi idioma natal si no te importa, al saber que conoces español. Para mi es mas fácil. Tu trabajo es espectacular, de lo mejor que he visto, solo quería preguntarte si me podrías recomendar algún libro, curso o lo que sea para aprender, no creo que llegue a tu nivel, soy muy negado, pero de las cosas que mas me gustan es el pixel art y el diseño grafico en general, lo malo que no tengo dotes, pero que se le va hacer. He visto algún curso pero no me llega a convencer. 

y lo segundo ¿ piensas publicar algún bundle con tu trabajo dentro de poco?

Gracias, Pues te recomendaria muchisimo este libro: pixel Logic:

Frecuentemente hago bundles es cosa de estar al pendiente de mi tiwtter o tienda, O podrias converirte en Patreon Supporter es la forma mas economica de obtener mi trabajoe

Muchas gracias, ok estoy pendiente de los bundle, Patreon me gustaría, porque realmente me gusta tu trabajo, pero ahora mismo estoy en paro y no puedo tener un gasto fijo todos los meses, pero lo seré algún día.  Un abrazo desde España.

Is there a way to pay only for the background?

Hello, nice assets, can I modify them and use them in my commercial game?



wow nunca crei que hablaras español

HOla estoy buscando un artista de pixel art como puedo contactarte?

Lo siento no estoy disponible para trabajo.


Could I use/remix them on my commercial game ? How about the credits? Please give more detials about the license.

Hablas español?


hey ansimuz, i love the style if your art and it fits my current project. Sadly i dont see licence details in this page. I am working on a world builder web app that allows ppl to create their multiplayer worlds and run it on their servers for friends and interested players. I would use the tiles for building backgrounds, for locations and battles. Since its a web app i cant completely prevent ppl to grab the backgrounds. And if they download the whole project they will have the assets too... is there a licence for that ?

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Hi, Yes indeed you cannot use it that way.  The license is for end product.  Unless you paid  a 10 times the price to have the license to do that but maybe that would be too expensive. 

 But you can use any of my free assets without problem. 

Ok, got it.

10 times the price would be too expensive indeed, especially since i am interested in a lot of your stuff :-D ( i would have to have them all ) 

If i would offer the application for download ( i intend to make a free version of the project anyway since its more a framework that people can use to create their worlds )  and would REMOVE all the premium assets ( meaning that the premium assets would be TIED to my domain where my game is running  and in the bundled project files there would be NO premium assets   ) would this be acceptable ?

To clarify :

  1. interested users would only get the framework ( just like when you download phaser.js for example ) 
  2. in the framework there would be no premium assets
  3. the bundled example game would have nothing to do with the game running on my domain ( that has the premium assets ) 
  4. the "end product" to which i buy the assets for would in this case be my game in my domain with the same name

Is this a viable solution ?

 I have no problem with paying for your assets. I just need to know if the case above is viable for you.

Yes that's viable. As long as the premium Assets are not redistributed. 

Hopefully in the future I will release only  free assets when I get enough supporters on Patreon to stop relying on sales. 

Great :-)

So... you made it ? =D

Hey Ansimuz. I would like to come back to you on this, regarding the price tag you mentioned above for that kind of licence. Does that offer still stand ? I would like to go ahead with it. If you are interested, we need to talk.

What is the tile size on these assets?

16x16 pixels :D

Hi, if i supported you in Patreon , I receive this and other assets? Thanks

Yes. By supporting at 10USD + you get access to all of my assets.

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Please.  Error in header ... .ogg sounds do not decompress.

Error en el Header ... sonidos .ogg no descompactan

erro no cabeçalho... sons .ogg não descompactam

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I would suggest to use  the Phaser forums to find an answer to this error :

I bought this...uuhuuuu


looks nice

Sensational!!  I need to buy, but I'm without $$ !!

support him on patron and that might help out