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Purchased the whole bridge heroine bundle on behalf of Dreamware Games. Thank you!

I am glad! Thank for your support! :D

These sprites are very good! But I gotta admit I like the female sword character from the "Magic Cliffs Pack" better. Would it be possible to change her a bit and get additional animations for the sword character, like the bridge heroine? Please let me know if you are available for this and I would be happy do discuss a commision. Thanks again for the great animations :)

sure contac me through

Could I get a jump animation also?

Yes, you need to buy the base pack:

Hi, and thank you for the heroine character pack.

I didn't get an idle animation with the pack, is there any way I might be able to get an idle animation? 

Hi, love your work. I can't see the climbing animation in the .zip file?

I have updated the files. Thank you for the feedback.

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Is there a patreon link for this asset or does it have to be purchased separately?

EDIT: I just added patreon-access to the end of the URL and I was able to download it.

Thanks! that worked!

Link for lazy people:

Echaba mucho de menos animaciones de subir escaleras. Casi nadie las hace. ¡Muchísimas gracias!


I really like the pixel art you make, I'm making a game and I use this character of yours, I wonder if you have her animation dying, (die animation), if you have how much is it? and if you don't have it, how much you charge to do?

Thank u in advance

I don't have a death animation yet. I'm not available for cowmmisions, sorry.

If you ever make it, you will have at least 2 buyers! This is a really great pack, keep up the good work!

Thanks for tho feedback I will definitely  consider it.

Hello. Files seem to be missing from this set. "Nothing is available for download yet." in download section. And it doesn't show up in store. For example in Assets when ordered by time or when searching for "Gothicvania". So people can find it only by direct links.

Thanks for the heads up. I forgot to upload the files.

Nice work! Thank you for the add on but it seems that I am unable to download it from this page. I bought the GothicVania bridge art pack when it was in that huge bundle about a year ago. Now I only see the option to buy the same pack again for 15 USD and not to download it.

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should be a link  to download it at the top of the page. I can check that issue if you provide me your email.

I can see the download link on the main Gothicvania bridge page but not on this add on page. My email is

Thank you for checking that out

Oh I see. Its because it is  a paid Add - on. You'll have to buy it.