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Hey Ansimuz Community!

I wanted to give a huge shoutout to the amazing Ansimuz for his incredible GOTHICVANIA asset pack. I've been working on a game series called Bloodytears, a retro-style boomer shooter adventure platformer inspired by classic Castlevania, and Ansimuz's artwork has been a game-changer for me.

The Bloodytears Trilogy is designed to help players and developers learn the mechanics and layouts of various game engines. While I create some graphics myself in Aseprite and Paint.NET, the beautiful decorations and props from the GOTHICVANIA pack have allowed me to streamline the asset creation process and focus on learning and developing the game engines.

Currently, I'm developing Bloodytears 3D, where players take on the role of Aric, a warrior on a quest to defeat Dracula and restore peace to the land of Valdoria. The game is in early alpha, so everything is subject to change, but the journey has been incredibly rewarding so far.

If you're interested in checking out some nostalgic platformer action and supporting a project that features the fantastic art of Ansimuz, stay tuned for more updates on Bloodytears 1, 2, and 3!

Thanks again, Ansimuz, for your amazing work. Your art has truly brought my game to life!

Feel free to follow for updates and more information about the Bloodytears Trilogy!



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Thank you for these great assets! I used them in my new mobile game THE RISE OF ABELOTH! Download it for FREE and let me know what you think!



Thanks for your great work! I used the ghost in my proyect

Thanks i can use that for commercial right?


God Bless you!

Glad to help!

Muito bom

Created a new YouTube intro using this:

Great work

Thank you!!!


That seems a lot what i was lookin' for mate! Great work. Appreciate these hours of sweat and fun :)! My game will feature a lot of this work. I may further contact you if you are okey with it! Go on with your passion!


Awesome assets!

And even better-they all upload at the same time so there's no boring upload after upload!

It's so good people should pay for this!

so cool! ^^

Hello thanks for the assets. Im making a game using some of them

hello, thanks a lot for the assets. i used some of them in a game and maybe more later :)

Hello, I used lots of your assets to make this:

I'll leave a comment only here, since it may get spammy. Thanks for the assets!

Glad to know. Cheers.

Hello, thank you for making this art pack :D. I used one of your Monster for my short 3D horror game. You can check it out if you want:

Do you have more animations for the main character in this pack?

No, thats all i have at the moment.

thanks for the asset really you don't know How much did I need it

Do you have a video game designed in this style?


Your skills are on another level

Thanks for the kind words.

I love it! i used it in my game!

Are these assets royalty free?

Yes. :D

Thank you for this wonderful artwork!

I used it in my game:

is it really free can i use this for my game project :) this is so amazing cool pixel art

Deleted post

Amazing art, use this and other of your assets for the app and the intro video.

Dark & FI youtube

Dark & FI android app

Thanks for sharing.


can i use the assets in commercial use ? :)

YEs :D


I really liked your work and thus used it in my recent game (

I've given you credit... please play and share

Perfect Sprites Bro


Hello there!
First of all...AMAZING ASSETS! Thank you very much!
A question: I wanted to write an article about Pixel Art filtering and use one of your free assets on my coding blog ( - is it ok to distribute a couple of your free assets on my github - crediting you ?
Thank you very much and keep up the amazing work!

Yes, As long are from my Free assets you can distribute them. 


Sure thing! Thank you for your amazing art to let some be free :) I am using the free part just because when I write articles I want to distribute code and assets so everybody can experiment with that stuff.

Wanted to let you know I've converted & used various assets from this pack and others to work on my GB Studio game: Deep Dungeon. I know it's not necessary under the license, but I've tried to give you shout outs on the various game pages and also in the game credits.

Thank you for making this available, my RPG wouldn't have been the same without your art!

Beautiful art! Thanks.

Hey! Thank you for awesome pixel art! Used ghost from this pack in my game ^^ cheers!

Dude this is so good art!

what a beautiful work 

can i use some of these assets in my game ?



Hello my friend, beautifull work. question. im doing a paltform, but its a 32x32, sometime a bit wider... do you have the skeleton enemy in those dimentions? just noticed that is 150x150. keep up the great work

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