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Out of all of your packs i would really love to see you expand this one. This is amazing.


Thanks. I plan to expand it too.

Your welcome! I have wanted to make a zelda style game for a long time but it is very hard to find the assets to match a style. Im not in a position to pay money at this time due to how the world is and my situation but i want you to know that i appreciate what you do for the people. If it wouldnt be for individuals like yourself alot of indie devs would never be able to progress. You are appreciated Ansimuz thank you for supporting all of us.

Dude, the music in your trailer was spot on with the zelda-like feels.  Is there more where that came from?

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Music is from Ammie Waters:

My mistake, it is from Smooth Mc Groove:

Oh, the video says Smooth McGroove? -- I guess it's just an acapella cover either way. -- It sounds so good, I was hoping it was original.


My mistake, it is from Smooth Mc Groove:

Hello, can this art be used in a commercial project?

Thank you, amazing!

Bought as soon as I saw this. Thanks!

Big Thanks!

I love pixel style,Thanks for share.

You are welcome!

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Gracias, de veras lo aprecio.