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Bridge Lady's little sister :3


how can i take 16 by 16 tile set and make it 64 by 64


Learn to draw

I do love those trees

Awesome job! I used your art for my 2D game. :) Check it out:


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It's a good asset


Months ago, I did a complete rip of this pack into SMBX, which took me quite a significant effort to rip.

Hey, this is nice work! I used it ina my first game!

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i recommend not to download these assets, they have virus. when i downloaded them my pc got stuck.

if you don't believe me, check the comments, they are all positive and have the words, (I'll add you name in the credits).

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nice art!

very EPIK

Thanks dad


me puedes decir de cuanto es la proporcion de los assets?


gracias lo usare en mi juego y te acreditare

Your work is awesome!  I used it in my new game - Dragon Gem Catcher by CristopherJG

Looks Nice. Good atmosphere. Thanks.

you're a life saver! I'll put your name in the credits!. Gracias por el aporte muy bueno. lo usaré para mi nuevo proyecto. Entiendo que la licencia es free. Te lo recompensaré el en los créditos.


you're a life saver! I'll put your name in the credits!

omg this is exactly what im looking for can i use it in an android game im working on and i credit you on the start up of the game


Hi, really nice good ... I wanted to tell you if I can use this access in my game that I am creating to put it on sale?


Hello, I intend to use it in a game that I will publish for free.
I can?
I'll put your name in the credits

Hi, I plan to use your designs in my game for Destiny Oblivion!


can I use this in a game that i will sell on stores ? I won't sell the assets i will the game that I will made using the assets.


1991 Night Version of my game Holy Thrill Zombies. Cloulds by THE Talented *ANSIMUZ, Zombie courtesy of Mobile Game Graphics

i could not have done this w/o ya ansimuz. Thx! Zombie courtesy of Mobile Game Graphics. Day and night versions of my 1st video game

The tilemap is wanderful, but what is the dimension of the tile of the tilemap


Hello friend, I would like to use your design for a commercial game. I would like to know if I can use it in my game, giving you all the credits for your work

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Thank you! I used your pixel art (magic cliff, gothicvania, sunny land) for my video. I added your name on the description with the link. Thank you for sharing it! :)

This is an awesome tileset dude. I really appreciate it :)

Awesome stuff dude! Is it okay if I use this tileset for my game?

It may be used commercially, but at all points I'll credit you like crazy!



I there, really nice job ! may i use it for a cc game ?



Hey! I really liked the look of it and wanted to support you!

All i could do was $0.5 but i hope it helps.

Have a good day.

I really love this art!

The assets are cute <3

Actually I found that one connecting grey plain tile in missing in this pack. Please help me finding it.

This looks amazing! I would love to work on a project w/ you!

this looks really nice


Amazing. Is it cc0?


beautiful pixel art!