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Will you provide patreon access to this pack on itch?

Yes. I forgot to add the link. Should be up now.

Thank you!

Really amazing! I discovered you thanks to your free assets and now I can buy some of this, thank you!!!

I'm glad to read. THanks!

Great work!  I saw your new city asset bkgs on unity asset store. Are you planning on putting on itch io?  Also, it would be great if you could turn the buildings that you make for these beautiful backgrounds into 2.5D/zelda type perspective. Just wondering if you've ever considered that.  I would definitely buy!

Can we use the Ambient Music tracks in a commercial project or no? Also if we can how do we credit it. 

You can! credit as you wish "by ansimuz"

Hi, what is the resolution?

Hi, Resolution 272x160 pixels (looped horizontally). :D

Are you allow commision works?
If yes, where can I contact you?

Sorry I am not available.

I read the title and think to myself - humm what should it be? Maybe I have a project for it that might fit just fine, but will take some months of work. Also, I would like to hear some sample, if convenient for you.