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Recommending you was the best thing my Android story thing-y was a great thing for me! Beautiful work.


this was the best addition you could add to the rest of the packs. fits the tone nicely and fills in some gaps of things i needed for a pseudo-modern setting. 

Nice style and atmosphere.Someone have already made game with this ones? 

What an amazing art style. definitely would like to see more from Quite Hill. You nailed the main character!

Sir, i need to ask you a couple of questions by email. We really want to include your (excellent!) assets in a high profile release but I need to clarify a a couple of things first. Could you please contact me by email on - many thanks

I got stuck all of a sudden when I run and not moving :/

Nicely done. :D

¡Maestro! No me gusta hacer juegos donde el personaje usa armas. Los enemigos atacan y el personaje se defiende con inteligencia.

Amigo. ¿Tienes algún asset pack con personaje corre, anda, parado, salta, baja, sube escalera de cuerda, cuelga en la cuerda, sube en la cuerda ??

No es necesario usar armas.


Todavia no tengo un pack con esas animaciones. Tal vez haga uno asi de completo en unos meses.


O Melhor!!!