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At first: great Asset Pack.

At second: is it allowed to modify the assets?

Hey, great asset pack. Made a short game with it.

Check out Rogue Trigger:


Cool, thanks for sharing.

Used the space suit sprite for my title screen. 

Thanks for the art!



Dude this shouldn't be free it's way to good! Thank you!

Deleted 281 days ago

I'll gladly punch your face.

Deleted 281 days ago

Thank you very much ... I will use it in the game I will ...

thanks for this wonderful asset😊


Is this assets is totally free to use in personal or professional games ?

He stated this in the description: "They are free to use in whatever you want. Credit is not required but appreciated." Should give him credit for his work though if you're planning on using it. 


Too good to be free :0

Nice Art Work 

Hola amigo! I want to use your artwork but I was wondering if I altered the color hue of your work for certain parts of my game would it be okay with you?

(I would still be giving you FULL credit and NEVER claiming any of the art credit for myself) 

Please let me know!


Sure, no problemo!

Hello)) How is it going?) Do you have a plan to make 1 more cyberpunk parallax?))

I see finish line of my game at the skyline (of course I ll remember you in captions) and maybe I ll buy parallax (but I dont can pay so much, cuz I am a poor student xDD). I amm folowing you and gonna say, that your skill become better and better. Keep it up!)) 

I may,

Looking forward)) I think its better to make blue-cyan-grey awesome color combination. But its up to you!))  Have a good day)

Dude, this is awesome!

I like your work, I'm developing a Contra style game, my extilo is pixel art like the Nes, I need 32x32 enemies sprites, do you sell any package?

I dont have any . But check my Warped series to see if they fit your needs

Hello! Can I use for commercial games ?

Appreciate to you

yes  :)

Hello! Can I use for commercial games ?



Dude. I have no words. You are amazing)) I am still making game and maybe I ll publish it in Steam. Can I use it?) Of course I ll try to add your name in subtitles)


Eres un gran artistas te felicito se ve que es un gran trabajo

Gracias que bueno que te gusto.

Me encanta tu estilo hize este proyecto con tu anterior patreon colection

Gracias a ti personas de paises pobres como el mio pueden incursionar en el desarrollo de videojuegos

Te agregue en los creditos

Espero hacer un mejor trabajo con este activo


Me da mucho gusto poder contribuir con los desarrolladores sin presupuesto a hacer sus juegos.

Love them!! Thanks a lot for setting 'em free.


Amazing work! Looking forward to playing around with them when I have some spare time

Thanks !

Amazing sprites! I love them