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So Beautiful!

Deleted 143 days ago

Sorry I dont make my email public. I get too much emails and spam. You can reach me at instagram or twitter too.


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My mistake. All of my assets dont requiere attribution. I will updated it inmediately.

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How do I get Space Background 2

Okay how do I buy, and if I buy can I use for commercial use? Really nice stuff u got


I used your incredible art assets on a video of mine, I gave credit to you there and on my discord channel. I love your style of art.


THanks for sharing :D


You said My game is bad then why don't you create one better than mine?

can i use for commercial purposes?


Thank u

thank you

Ansimuz are you available for hire?

Not available, sorry.


Thank you for the assets! I will use these for my new game which will be published to CrazyGames. I will link you to it as soon as it's made. Thanks again!


Hi! Just here to let you know I used your background in my small game, thanks for your great work! :D


Hi do you mind if I use your amzing art for my own little game I am not gonna sell it and the Game will be free.


you can , even commercially


nice but I will not It feels wrong

Thank you!

You make some fantastic art! I'm using a good handful of your stuff for a small game I've been wanting to try making.  Beautiful stuff, from this to the cyberpunk one, etc.

Next paycheck I get I'll have to pay for these because damn. Thanks for sharing these.

Thanks I really appreciate the support.

No problem. You deserve it. Your work appears very professional and AAA quality. Just wondering, do you take commissions or do any kind of work for small projects? If so, what're your rates/cost?