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Hi i would like to know about the license of this assets.

This is the license as provided within the ZIP as of posting this comment today.

You may use these assets in personal or commercial projects. You can modify these assets to suit your needs. You can re-distribute the file.
Credit no required but appreciated it.

thanks for all the amazing work,

You are welcome! Glad it help it.

I am yet to use your content but wow thanks for all the amazing work you're putting out there!!

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I love how much content you're producing, and I was thinking about how at times I really wanted one of your level themes, but it wasn't the right vibe for what I needed, so I thought of something (that you may already be doing?) you could combine different terms together to keep generating new kinds of backgrounds, so "theme" and "atmosphere" for example. Theme is forest, snow, lava, countryside etc. and atmosphere is sunny/happy, gloomy, creepy, haunting, whimsical, etc. and then you can go through the combinations, eg. happy forest, haunting forest, etc. and someone is sure to find something they like!


Thanks for the feedback, Ill take note.

I love this, as soon as I saw the thumbnail I knew exactly what you were going for ;)

Awesome as always.

Thanks. I'm so pleased to hear that you liked it.