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can I use that in a game that I would sell on stores ? I wouldn't sell the assets I will sell the game that I made with the assets.


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Hola ansimuz que motor usas para hacer tus demos de assets tengo curiosidad,


Phaser 2 y recientemente phaser 3

que cool gracias lo buscare me animare aprender actualmente uso unity. 

Thank you for the art.I made a demo



It's very cool
@eggss How long did it take you to do this game?

Man this is awesome! A question:
The music ''enchanted forest'' its free to use?

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The music is from Pascal So you giving him credit would be enough.

eres un gran artista y te agrasdesco por tus activos tan geniales los use en mi primer juego 

Puedes verlo aqui

Que bien . Gracias por compartir!

gracias a ti por tan maravillo trabajo si personas como tu no compartieran su trabajo tan profecional no aprenderiamos



I just made a game using the parallax from your asset if you want to check it out its here.

This tileset is amazing! It's really inspiring me to create my first game. Thank you! Here's a preview of my beginner skills:

Again, your work is superior Ansimuz.

Very Cool. My imagination flies trying to figure out what is this  game is about. 


I made my first mobile platformer game  using these great graphics. I combined the characters and tilesets from the two Sunny Land sets. Would love to hear if you have any comments. Cheers!

Pretty Cool!


beautiful! love your work <3