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I must thank you for your work

I got through the whole game without dying once :)


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Any chance of converting this to run on Godot 4.1.1?

yes , working on it.

Awesome thanks :)



Hi Ansimuz, how do i contact you? 


Thanks Ansimuz, but i can't private message you, and i don't have instagram, i'd like to inquire if you do any commission work and if so get details.

Hello! Thank you for considering my services. I regret to inform you that I am currently unavailable for work, and commission requests are closed indefinitely.

Thank you for your understanding.

😥ahh, i see. no problem thanks Ansimuz

This is really slick. I love the colors.

:D thanks!


This is a fantastic looking set!!


Thank you!


Asimuz I follow your work for years now, and I gotta say that, you rock so much!

I'm blushed, thanks for the words man.


Dang! An amazing package! Thank you! And I think my platform will come earlier! lol

Glad to hear! thanks.

Incredible work, I love it, beautiful


Shut Up And Take My Money GIFs | Tenor


another banger from ansimuz



you got nice replies and games here rangar it was nice to talk to you man



Beautiful 💜


Fantastic collection! Great work as ever!

Thank you!