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it looks awesome, thank you !

thank you very mush. good work.

hey bro how do I get these pixel font for my game website

Great for a zoomed out map view, thanks!


I love the vibe, it's so cute.

Glad you liked it.

license to use?

Freedom License

You're free to use these assets in any project, commercial or not, and make any modifications you need. Share your creations far and wide, but please avoid redistributing the assets under another license or selling them individually.

While credit isn't mandatory, I genuinely appreciate any acknowledgment. 

Under the CC0

i increíble !

suddenly I want to make an RPG just to use this asset. :)

This reminds me a lot of old Fire Emblem maps for the GBA games. The warmer, slightly darker colours of your tiles are a lot easier on the eyes though. They would be excellent for use with something like the SRPG Maker. 

Would you consider making more complex mountains like so?

Either way, I'd love to see more stuff like this - different biomes, villages, castles, dungeons - in this kinda style!

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I too would like to see more biomes


Sure, I will.


Definitely, I will work and add more content on the future.


Good job !


Very interesting. It's giving me old-school Phonekey Age of Empires. Love the aesthetic. 

Thanks glad you liked it.


nice job!