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Hello. A while ago I created this battle system, a bit simple as a demonstration. I had to look for assets from another pack, to edit and create the battle menu frames etc... Do you already have all these compatible assets, for this pack?

Great work. I have more backgrounds, enemies and more in this collection:

i used your beautiful tileset by putting it in my dumdum game

im sorry ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ‘


Hey man, just a heads up- someone reuploaded this under a price tag. I already reported them, but it may be ideal to get more than one report in.


Its ok, this file is under a public license.

I used several of your asset packs in my free game! Thank you very much for these ^^

Thanks. I'm so pleased to hear that you liked it.

What is the license used for this because in the description stands cc0 and in the comments you wrote CCBy 4



ok thanks, when my game is finished i will credit you anyway because most of the downloadet assets are from you.

I only see the walking animations for the hero. The npc's just have static directional images for them with no walking animations. Is this as intended for the release?

I'm gonna donate. Work like this deserves payment

I appreciated it. 


is there a free dungeon tile set as well? I have no idea how to do pixel art, and have no income to pay. fml

can I use that in a game that I would sell on stores ? I wouldn't sell the assets I will sell the game that I made with the assets.


its free to use, so yes

This are awesome. Would you do a WW2 tile set?

THanks, Sometime age I made this

Maybe it would be helpful. Its free. 

I used this asset pack to do a little "free time" gamedev.  Uploaded uncut/unedited video: 

This is real nice mate,  I'm learning how to make a rug with Godot, and this is a godsend!


is there a licensing fee I need to pay to use these files in my game?


Nope. I only accept tips. Enjoy.

What is the license for these files?


CCBy 4