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Can I change it however I like? I woul like to recreate this to Forrest version , of course credit will be given

Yes you can.

Thank you for such a great game assets. I'm using it on my game:

Thank you for sharing. I love seeing the assets at work.

Thank you Luis for making this great assets for free, it really help a starter indie game developer like me.

Where are the enemies in the online demo :)


In the .png/ enemies folder.


Beautiful, great for Phaser Editor demos. By the way, maybe you can consider Phaser (free) instead of impactjs (paid), in that way the offline code will be fully playable. If you are interested on Phaser I could provide to you a life-time license of Phaser Editor.


I'm in the process of making the assets Demo in Phaser learning Phaser right now. If you could provide a license I would be grateful. Thanks for your generosity.

Hi @ansimuz, that's great that you are playing with Phaser. I just sent you (via your website) the promo code to get the editor license.

Another fantastic looking sprite series! I can't keep up! I'm still working with the Grotto set :-)