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I made a game using this background (mostly) :D

oh, this asset is really nice!! And the music so. What's the BGM? 

Hi Ansimuz.

Thanks to share some of your excellent works.

I code some things (game, demoscene...) on the nice Amiga retrocomputer. I have used this beautiful underwater environment for a dev simple tuto.

You can see it here :

You can see your work in action here : 

Thanks for this nice graphics.


The colors!

Thank you for sharing. I love the amount of detail that went into this.

I wrote an article about Why Do Indie Games Use Pixel Art. In it I included your image, credit to you and a link that redirects back to this page.

If you don't desire to have the image or link included please notify me and I will remove it immediately. 

Hello Ansimuz,

This background is fantastic, but I have a question. While browsing your creator page here on it doesn't seem to be listed amongst your other items? I knew I had seen it before so I had to google your name: "" to find it again. Is it intentional that it's not listed on your creator page for some reason? If so, what about the other environment backgrounds/battle backgrounds/parallaxes that you've made (like this one: that I also can only find though googling?

I guess I'm asking if these are supposed to be up or if it's something you had deleted. Since I'm interested in using some of these for my (commercial) game, I'd like to be sure that I'd be allowed to do so.

Also out of curiosity, would you consider doing commissions for other custom environmental backgrounds in the same style?

you can use them. I just forgot to  list them.  Sorry I'm not available.

The timelapse and the music goes nicely together, and the process is so beautiful to watch

Do you do commission work?

Not available right now.


I used your image in my Game!

I used this background in my small indie game, Open Ocean (Available on now, coming to Steam 6/11/19):

Thank you!  It looks really awesome!

Cool! :D

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Thanks. Unfortunately I'm not available for work.

no worries. And just checked out some of your other work and it is really great.