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Hi, what's the difference between the different Chibi Robot packs? I got the bundle and got 3 of them. Thanks

Your art is beautiful, do you create exclusive arts to?

Not available right now.

Can you add a dash animation? If so I'd buy this pack because to me its the only thing that its missing

I will make another pack with extended animations for this character soon.

Ok and if I buy this now, will I be able to download the update for this pack?

No, that would be a different pack. Cheers!

This is one of your best assets!

Instant buy for me! 

Whether you decide to expand on this or not, here's some ideas:

  • crouching
  • sliding
  • wall sliding
  • wall jumping
  • ledge grabbing
  • upward/diagonal aiming-shooting
  • shooting while in air

Thanks for making these assets. I really dig them and the whole warped series is fantastic.


 Of course I all expand these with more add-ons soon.