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Just downloaded it for free for tests. If I end up using stuff in a finished game I will donate/pay u after sales... Now I am too poor xD Keep on the Great work. Live forever and prosper even further 

No need to pay. Just focus on gamedev! Best wishes.

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Great as always.

looks really good really high quality, is it CC0?

You can use it commercially on your own projects.


Can i pay to make sprites for me exclusively? for a game im making, i need a lot of contribution, and idk any good pixel artists. Please consider this and reply your answer.

thank you.


Sorry im not available


Ah okay. Thank you anyway

Love all that you do. Just saw some of your Warped assets in a Dragonforce video! Pretty awesome.

Thanks for the words!

Asombroso, gran trabajo


Youve been releasing a lot of quality content in the past week rather than every few weeks. I hope it all pays off. You have a great price point for all your enemy packs.

another great asset. Keep it up :)