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Hello ansimuz, how are you? My name is Ricardo, I'm Brazilian. I'm a big fan of your work, congratulations. I'm creating a game with some of your assets that I bought from you and some music and I would like to know how I can put your name to credit in my game, because this is fair to your great work!!

Thank you my friend

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You are welcome. Just put "x assets by ansimuz" Best Wishes!

These look fantastic! I'd like to potentially use them in a project of mine, but I was just wondering what size the sprites are? Thanks! Ps someone else mention 4 directions for guns and shots. I'd make use of that also.

Hi, The proportions of the guns are roughly 25-40 pixels in width by  20-26 pixels in height. Props sizes are 20x20 to 62x120 pixels. The guns are only one direction.

Thanks for that :) And thanks for the quick reply. They'll fit nicely in my project. I'll send you some screen shots when they're more fully implemented. 

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Very nice pixel art, could you possibly add 4 directions for guns/shots? I don't mind paying more for this.  

Thanks, I may in the future add more features for this. Cheers

are the powerups animated or single-sprite images?

Single sprites. Only the laser beams are animated




is like you know what I need....was looking for something like this all week.... are you spying on me..;)

I'm glad! Thanks for the comments!