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Does this have an idle animation without gun?

Yes! :D

Cool, even if not I already bought this from yesterday!


Would be nice to have the idle arms on separate sprites so I could animate them with different weapons. Now I'm seprating arms by myself but I'm pretty sure that you're more talented that me to do this XD

I'm not available but youc could hire a pixel artist to modify this in case its too difficult.

Hey. I'm wondering if I'm allowed to add purchased assets to the public repositories? Is this considered as assets ‘sharing’?

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No, you are not allowed to share premium files as assets. If you are using them as part of a game is ok to share the game. You need to specify in the repository that they cannot use the assets on their projects.

Yes, I'm using premium files as part of the game, and those assets are added to the repository. The repository is private at the moment, but possibly I'll make it public at some point, so the source code could be used by everyone. Ok, will add specifications in regards to Licensed assets, that it is prohibited to use them.  Thank you very much for the clarification!

Correct. No problem.

Hope you make a walking Animations in the next update

probably yes.

Your art is always amazing!

Thank you!

Very nice! I kinda want to make a platformer now.


Do it!

OK, but you have to make me a bunch of space interiors and aliens and robots! :)