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ansimuz, I can't really express how appreciative I've been for your free assets on here and the Unity Store, there is no one else providing such high quality work while not requiring compensation. With that being said, I just subbed on Patreon because of that appreciation, so I guess it works. Thanks again!

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These are really nice and they look good in game. I'm making a sci-fi rpg and I'm considering using these but any chance for some more ship variations? I want to let the player buy new ships for faster space travel. (would buy new pack)

I plan to add an add-on in the following months, stay tuned.

I really dig them! Thanks so much!

Thanks so much for these. They look great! Sorry to be a pest, but, you have a higher rez version of the vehicle 1 GIF with a transparent background. Would you mind uploading the same size versions of vehicle 2 and 3 with transparent background? They currently have a black background.

Actually, never mind. I see that the larger gif is just upscaled version of the smaller frames. It's all good. Thanks. :)

Hello! Awesome work. I have a question, is it ok to edit the color?

Its OK  :D

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I did a crap job converting #3 into what I'd hoped would look like a PS1 era model.  


That actually looks great.

*surprised pikachu*


Hey man, i made a little demo project, your art inspired it


very cool looking vehicle!

Beautiful! They will definitely be somewhere in Dino Hazard!


Pretty cool! :)