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nice im using this for my game! But i have one question, is it okay if i turn on donations for my game? (which is optional)

Can u tell me how to contact u?


Wow this is good stuff! Thanks!



Tnx for your creations !

I use just for this video !


Great! Thanks for sharing!

In the video description, I added your link. I hope it helps you as much as possible!


Hey, thought you'd like to know I used this and some of your other backgrounds in my game I Want To Be A Hero:

Cool! thanks for sharing.

Hey there, just wanted to let you know I've used your parallax street background as part of a short demo I ship with KIAVC, an open source point and click adventure engine I'm working on. I properly credited you in the demo README, of course: great work, and thanks for sharing this with us all! If you're curious how it looks like in the demo, I posted many GIFs on the dev blog where I talk about how the engine is being created:

could these work with your beat em up pack?


Looks amazing

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hi! I made a game with some of your beautiful backgrounds:


I would like to send you a key to download it for free but unfortunately I can't find a way to send messages on itch. do you have a public email address?

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I made a scrolling parallax wallpaper using your art for wallpaper engine


Cool, thanks for sharing!


Thank You! i used this background in my game:

amazing art work! <3

Hi, I want to add your pack to my game and put it in Google play. How do I need to indicate authorship?

Hi, just put Art by Ansimuz

Amazing! Using it for a class prject. thank you!

Awesome stuff, I love it!

This is so great. I'll be using this in my game jam game. and will make sure to credit you. This was exactly what i was searching for


Used this for my clicker project.

artwork is awesome.



Beautiful work man, do we have to pay you in order to use these assets in our own games?

great art. do you make custom assets or do you allow people to use some of your work for indie game development.

Thanks. I am not open for commisions. But I allow My Patreon Supportersuse my artwork on their own projects.

Hi, your art is amazing.

Can i use just the middle layer into the game im making?


Looks like アキラ

These are amazing


Beautifully! I love your style. Do u have account Instagram or Behance. I want to see them easily bro. 

Yes I do,

This asset pack is a savagely good


Stop giving your top assets away for free bro. If people really want to use it, they should pay for it bro.


THanks, But I get tips from time to time to support my work.

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A strong, expansive and robust public domain is a good thing to have. And we should reward people for contributing to it by donating to them generously when we can, to reward the generosity they showed to us. 

Hey may i use the incredible art to my first game/test if i get released i will but your name in the credits

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Can i use for my first game/test? I really loved the art style.


Hello!  Can I use your resource pack as an illustration in my book?  Of course, indicating you as an author


Your asset is amazing. Can I use this asset in a commercial game and can I edit the asset to fit my needs?


Hey! Love the pixel art and was just wondering if I could use it as the background for my website (it's a game design podcast). Thanks!

Yes :D

used in my game
incredible asset! thanks!

Cool, thanks for sharing.


Thank you for the great art! I have used it as the background to create my first game! Have a look at it!

Looking forward to use more of your work in future! 

Cheers! Good luck!

PS : Credits are given in ReadMe :D

Very nice art I like it

can you background my game use?


hello friend can you use your image commercial confines? at the moment I do not have any account to pay but I would put you in the credits of a game that I think publish your image is perfect I congratulate you

Yes you can! Happy Gamdevev!

can I use this in a game that i will sell on stores ? I won't sell the assets i will the game that I will made using the assets.


Nicely done, we're using this in a game we're making for uni!


Looks really cool!. I just downloaded for 10 bucks. I am planning to use it for a mobile game. 


Thanks for your support!

Used part of this to make something tonight. Thanks for sharing.

Cool, nice adaptation.

I like this and I'm  work for someone to make guis for games can i have a 1920x1080 version btw this is great!

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