GothicVania Church is a complete Game Art Assets Pack to build a Castlevania like  scene.  All assets are made with beautiful crispy pixel art.  

Pack Includes

  • Modular Loopable Backgrounds
  • Tileset at 16x16 pixels each cell that make bigger tile blocks
  • Male Shaolin Monk Player Character fully animated with 9 different animations
  • 3 different enemies sprites fully animated: Angel, Burning Ghoul and Skeleton Wizard
  • Also this Pack includes Code for a playable demo made with the Phaser Engine
  • Royalty free Sound Effects made with

Music by Pascal Belisle

Music License
You are free to use the music in your projects as long as you give appropriate credit.



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    gothicvania church 715 kB
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    great work bro. question, can you make dead animation? its not in this file and its not in the add_on file that i purchased either. Thx and keep up the good work

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    Would you mind putting a proper license on this? The Free Software Foundation has a good explanation of why “informal licenses” are bad. (TL;DR: In some countries, the law might interpret a not-precise-enough license statement as invalid and, thus, “All Rights Reserved”.)

    From your “Music License” description section, it sounds like what you want is a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC-BY).

    Once that’s been taken care of, I’ll happily include it in my Libre Game Assets list. (Assuming I didn’t misinterpret your intention, of course.)

    (I’d include everything of yours that’s under suitable terms, but I can’t figure out how to get a complete listing of everything you released, so I’ve only started to encounter your stuff on a case-by-case basis as it turns up in searches and “you might also like” listings… something I’ve been dragging my heels on until I can find time to write something which automates the process of searching Itch for listings that are tagged with or mention recognized libre licenses.)

    I made the assets and the music is from another author with a different license. There are 2 licenses. for 2 kind of assets. 

    Ahh. Probably a good idea to clarify that in the description. I can easily see someone assuming the “Music License” was an un-changed copy-paste from something that only contained music, and was intended to apply to the whole pack.

    (While looking for more to add to my Libre Game Assets collection, I run across so many listings with goofs like that.)

    Awesome assets man, could you share the color palette?

    Thank you for sharing.
    Q: What is the font and where can i found it?


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    I followed your link and I found a PERFECT dialog font and a good title font for Neo Venture.

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    Hi, can i modify them and then use them commercially? I will of course give credit to you!

    Hi, can I use it in my game ? And give credit ?

    Sure :D

    Thanks buddy !

    Hey there! Have to say that your assets look really good! I used a mix of many of your free assets and made a game.

    Keep up the good work!

    I'm glad you made something out of these.  Good work!

    hi there, is there a reason why the tilemap flickers?

    Don't know, I think is because of the engine.

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    Ah ok, thank you for the quick response.

    I was able to fix the issue by removing the parallax camera multipliers on Lines 167 & 168.

    Anyway, thanks for the YT tutorials and the free assets/demo -- its a really awesome way to learn and get into Phaser :)

    EDIT: I just modified it again with multipliers again and it's been fixed since. Not sure what causes it now.

    Have you tried turning on pixel snap in the godot project settings?

    Awesome !!!!

    ooooowww this is awesome, great job! have a talent!

    are the graphics for Commercial use?




    wow, this is so awesome!!

    You are the best!


    Se ve genial

    Amazing! Congrats, keep it up!

    Looks great!