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Nice art, can you art my game use?

Your sprites are some of the coolest and most complete I've seen. It made it possible for me to even attempt to make a game, which is now on my profile being used by some as a learning demo for people trying to grasp GDevelop 5. Thank you for putting some of this stuff out for free.

Everyone should definitely check these out and support Ansimuz future endeavors. 

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate the words.

Happy Gamedev!

Hey , it,s wery beautiful sprites!!

can I use this in a game that i will sell on stores ? I won't sell the assets i will the game that I will made using the assets.


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Hello ansimuz

Can I draw extra frames for the gothic hero character myself and use them in a commercial project? Thank you, and I'll make sure that I credit you for the original artwork!

Sure no problem.

Oh man... thank you! You are so kind!

Hi There! 

I used your demon sprite as the boss on the last level of my game Jam submission, thanks a lot!

Amigo. ¿Tienes que vender "sprites" con la paleta del NES (3 colores)? Es necesario para proyectos de juegos para el NES.


Friend. Do you have to sell "sprites" with the NES palette (3 colors)? It is required for game projects for the NES.


Tal vez haga algunos. No se. 

First off love Eliot Quest I have it for my Wii U. Second love this collection! You do great work. Now obviously this collection been used in quit a few projects just from the comments, so my question is this. How much would it cost to get a original collection like this made from scratch?

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the game. Unfortunately I'm not available for work. Cheers.

Ok thank you

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Hey man, your sprites are god damned amazing. Would you mind if I used these ones for my university project? Not commercial use but you would be credited (Obviously) and it will be posted onto as part of the module.


Sure. You can also use them commercially. No problemo.

Thank  you so much.

I used this assets  in my game 

I really appreciates you

Demon is Sooooooooo coooooool 


Your assests looks beautiful!

Can I use them for a commercial game?

I'll give you credit once the the game is posted of course.




Can I use this assets for a commercial game??

I will give you attribution offcourse




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Hey,can I use these assets for a mobile game that we`re making with some of my friends?

I can`t create any textures my friends are like making the music or drawing  levels on paper so I can create them.

Please Reply

Thanks so much!!! and just to be clear that I would also probably buy your other assets.

Hi, I'm working on a game to release on steam and I would want to use your assets for it because I am not experienced at making beautiful artwork like you, only programing .So I wanted to know if it would be okay for me to do as I planned by also crediting you.

Thanks a lot!

Sure. Go ahead!

Hi, I really liked these assets, and I'm planning on posting an early-access of a game I was working on for the past few months, can I use these ? I'll give you credit once the the game is posted, please respond quickly :)

yes you can.

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Oh my god dude, I love you, you can check it out once it's posted on game jolt, it's called UNDERGROUNDS, I love your assets man, thanks for the support !

Hi, can i use these assets for a game templates that will be on the unity asset store? Thanks

Yes, If you are using them for code or a game template. 

No if you are goin to redistribute them as artwork or part of other art assets.

Ah yes, i'm using them for code (game template).

I'll be sure to credit you when the game template is released, thank you! 

Great, Happy gamedev!

Hi,  can i use these assets for commercial use?


Deleted 4 years ago


Thanks for getting in touch, unfortunately I’m not available at the moment. 


Patrons only? Aw thanks man.

It was Patrons only. Now its public to promote my patreon campaign and future work.


Looks excellent as always, will have to try these out for my current project. ♡ I needed some horror/dark themed stuff, so nice timing.

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