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My favorite part is the evil glowing tree in the background 

the art is amazing! Can modify some animations for my comercal game?

yes :D


“Use them on your commercial projects” is pretty vague as a license statement. Did you intend this to be the same “CC0 except for the music” situation as Warped City or was something like CC-BY intended?

Estou criando um jogo, e queria saber se é uso livre



Hi! I plan to use your designs for my game of Destiny Oblivion

These are great!  Keep up the good work :)


Se puede usar con fines comerciales o solo para uso personal?

Gran trabajo



I just want to say, I appreciate you making a lot of compatible sets. Usually artists make a few things and then do something different, incompatible. You're probably helping a lot of indies by being consistent.


Thanks for the words. I am glad to help the community.

Great work as always!

THanks !

Long time fan, just wanted to put into words how much I appreciate your art assets, they help me prototype meaningful and expressive game play, and really improve my learning process. Thank you!

I'm glad to help!

You absolutely have to make a tutorial on how to make such amazing content! I'm sure it would help a lot of people. I love the ooze-like monster!

Thanks Check my  youtube channel channel. I plan to make more tutorials in the future.

Thanks bru. Your work is really awesome.