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Created a new YouTube intro using this!

Cool! thanks for sharing!

Thank you sir. 

you are welcome!


This is great:)

Thanks bro!!! It's realy good!!!

You are welcome!


Your backgrounds are really nice. I edited this one and combined it with some from the Sci-fi collection to get a nice desert background for my game. So thanks for that and for 1 explosion included in the sci-fi pack.

I can use and I can sell my game on EpicStore or any site use your asset? Of course I give you credit. I promise you


Hey friend! I just released my first game using one of your parallax backgrounds and gave you credit. Thanks for creating such gorgeous artwork and for allowing me to use it to learn how to make a game.

1. Very good first game

OK, I'm a complete n00b, and I just want the pretty animated gif as a background for discord calls when I'm playing D&D with friends on camera. I don't know how to save the ASE file as an animated gif, that's all I want, and honestly that's what I thought I paid for. :/ Any help would be appreciative.


I can help you! Try exporting each frame as a PNG and using this:

Thank you!


Thanks for the resources. I used this background for the cover of my track: Ambiguty

Thanks for this asset. I actually only ended up using the trees...that I paired with another one of your assets (you do great work!). I credited you and, of course, following you to use more of your excellent assets in the future.

My game, if interested:


Thanks heaps. I used it for my game: A Soft Fall.

A Soft Fall by Printer_Not_Found (

It really looks beautiful!

This is a really nice backdrop, has exactly what I was looking for too

Hi, thanks so much for this asset.  I was able to use it to test a custom GPU I'm building for my home-made 8-bit computer:

Forum thread is here:

I used it in the final of my game

Great! Thanks for sharing.

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Beautiful work, thank you ansimuz! I'm using this in my game Wizard Man.


This is a very good background. I am using it for my game

Hey tio! Ando haciendo un jueguecillo, y me ha venido de lujo el fundo por capas para el efecto parallax. Eres un máquina, muchisimas gracias por este pedazo de escenario! ^^

Me alegro que te sirvieran. Saludos!



Great colors


Hey! We used this in the title screen of our game. We passed it by when looking for assets, and we had to come back to it. Thanks for your work!

Here's our game, in case you want to see how we used it. ;)

You are featured in a flame game engine example!


I've used your art in my game. Ofcourse i gave you credits :)

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nice game

Bom, estou aqui somente avisand que utilizarei sua arte em meu jogo, muito obrigado, sua arte  e incrivel.

thanks a lot! was used in my game :)

can I use these in a game that I will sell on stores? I won't sell the assets I will sell the game that I will made using the assets.



Can i use them in my commercial game ?

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Hello! Just used this art as part of a background for a music video. Please check it out and tell me what you think. Thank you to the amazing talent of ansimuz for taking the music up a notch.

What a track :O 

Can you help me with my game?

Sorry I am not available. Cheers.


Thank you!!!