A short platform arcade game made in Godot Engine. 

Collect all gems to open the door to the next level. Time is running so make haste.


  • Move: Arrow keys
  • Jump: Space bar
  • Dash: Double arrow tap
  • Duck: Down key
  • Blast: Duck, wait, then jump
  • Reload level: R Key


Feel free to use the code, music and art assets on your own projects. Credit not required but appreciated it.

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Stomper Asset Files.zip 7 MB
stomper-godot-project.zip 3 MB
MacOS.zip 18 MB
Windows.zip 15 MB


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Fun game! collisions were a little buggy though.

Thanks so much for sharing the Godot file! I'm looking forward to checking it out.

Game freeze after first level. After moving through the portal/door. Can't move the character anymore. 

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I have updated the game. Let me know if this error continues.

Works now! Thanks :)


Congratulations for the game. It looks awesome! I like also the control of the character. But in the Web version, when I finish the first level and move to the door after collecting all gems of the first level, the same level is loaded (and not a new one) and the ?dragon? gets stuck not moving. Can you help me out?

Thanks for the feedback. I just uploaded a fix let me know if this issue persist.


Not sure if this is just a problem with the web version, but slamming into the door freezes the game. press r to restart the level so you don't have to refresh :)

exactly what happened to too.. but it looks cool for the 30 seconds I got to play :) 

Me too... Looks cool, anyway :)

Same issue here.
Colliding with the exit reloads the same level and the game/player is frozen in that position, with music and animations still playing

Nope. Pressing R just makes the issue happen again :(