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Hey man, I've been making a mini-game to use in my portfolio and I've used your art assets.
Here's where I'm up to with it:

I've been focusing on the sound effects/camera/other stuff for this mini-game - eventually I'll include the fighting :D

Great start!

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Now with some actual fighting!

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Cool! I love to see the assets in action. Keep the good work!

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It's slower progress now, but coming along, refining things. I still haven't setup the boss yet :D. No jump kick, cans, or specials either ><

the figures on the floor are a funny touch. Keep the good work!

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Streets of Rage - Fighting in the Street song started playing in my head. amazing work, as usual! 

Aw, that's lovely!

There's just one thing that somehow feels out of place to my eye: that foreground green bush.

I'm no artist but maybe the style is different? I was probably expecting something with more contrast, more black, and more rim-lighting? 

Maybe I'm just picky, or got obsessed with that detail :D

...or maybe it's because of the palette and colour count. But again, maybe I'm just obsessing over that detail :D

Loving the pack! It really gets the right vibe!

(still, that bush really bothers me, apologies :D :D )


Thanks for the feedback. Fortunately, the bush can be removed easily.


I do see how the green bush pulls the eyes in. Can easily be fixed using the same colors. like I've done here.

Great job! Just an observation: for the girl, the "Hurt" animation is the "Jumpkick" animation

Thanks for the heads up, just fixed it.

Wow, Thank you very much! I want to use this asset for my project soon.


hell yes! your assets are all awesome, but this one makes me wanna do a backflip. only i can barely get out of my chair anymore, so i will just do a mental backflip.