Here's the complete Public "Pixel Game Art". It contains everything needed to build a prototype game out of the box:

  • Parallax Background
  • 6 animations for the player
  • 3 different animated Enemies
  • items and Fx animations
  • Demo coded in phaser
  • PNG, PSD, Tiled files, and  atlas files

Music by Pascal Belisle


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Only Sunnyland assets were used to make Foxy Runner. Its the most fun you'll have with an endless runner! I made it only for android though :)

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By the way I know your probably busy but I wanted to show you this anyway:

I followed along with the video and drew my own one.

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I really like your style, and the environment time-lapses,. Can you telll me how you program the games/ what language because at the moment I'm using Which is good but I would like to make a game to put out there for people to download. Also I absolutely love all the assets you make, I am enjoying creating my own ones.

How do you animate in photoshop?

Also what is your process for exporting the sprites into the folders?


Here are all the answers: 

Hi ;) Amazing assets!! Can i use them in my android game?



A game named Foxyland(10k downloadsand free) and also Foxyland Premium (1$ and 10k Downlaods!) That studio became rich selling your characters, levels, and Assets...

It's ok. Sunny Land its a free asset.

I made my first mobile platformer game  using these great graphics. I combined the characters and tilesets from the two Sunny Land sets. Would love to hear if you have any comments. Cheers!

1. muy buen juego y divertido  :D

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I updated the game its got 9 levels now and takes me a little under 30 minutes to speed run it. The first two levels are more of a tutorial without enemies:


Looks like a lot of Fun! Good Job.

Thank you for the inspiration!

Looks like someone made their own Foxyland with the tileset and added it to Steam. It still looks good though.

Very nice! I have been messing about with a platformer prototype for the last week or so and these graphics have really made a huge difference to it!

Would you be willing to make more animations for the main character? What I'd ideally like are..
- Walking out of world into door.
- Walking into world from door.
- Sliding down pole/rope.
- Climbing up pole/rope.
- Sommersaulting/rolling.
- Pushing against wall/block.
- Picking up object.
- Throwing object.
- Swimming.
- Floating.
- Balancing on edge of ledge.
- Parachuting.
- Wall sliding.
- Wall climbing.
- Tail whip attack.
- Slashing claw attack.
- Kicking attack.
- Cast spell.
- Sliding along ground.
- And some general poses/animations like drinking a pop soda, eating food, giving thumbs up, dancing or whatnot (the kind of things that can be used between levels).

Well when you look at it, that's a giant list. I'm happy to pay for you to create them as well. Look forward to hearing from you maybe if you are willing to create some or all of these ;)


I'm glad you find them useful. I may add an Addon in the future. Unfortunately I'm very and cant take commissioned work. 


Thanks for the reply. I'll post back if I make something using these asset :)


Ansimuz, these are some of the best 2D assets I've ever seen, paid or free! I'm in the middle of making a generic, 1 level platformer in Unity 5, which I would be eager for you to try.  I had an idea for a how to web series using your assets, but I couldn't find anywhere to private message you. 

I'm glad to know you liked the assets. Let me know when the series are available so I can share it on my social networks. Cheers

The tiles are awesome! What license are you publishing it wth?


CC by