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Hi everyone. 

Since the let down of unity there's been an increase in Godot users, so i wanted to help new Godot users with a ready to use template of SunnyLand made in Godot 4. Its very basic but will work as a boilerplate for newbies.

Also I have included new music tracks that fit perfectly with the sunnyland theme.

Enjoy and happy gamedev!

Files 8 MB
Sep 19, 2023
Music by 17 MB
Sep 19, 2023
Music by Pascal 3 MB
Sep 19, 2023
Sunny Land Assets Files 1 MB
Sep 19, 2023

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Literally found the perfect asset for a tutorial on Godot thanks.

Best of Luck!

Very helpful! Going through the code helped me figure out some issues with my own. Thanks!

Glad to hear. Best wishes and happy gamedev!