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A downloadable asset pack for Windows and macOS

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The 16-bit Sequel of the Grotto Escape Pack I made a few years ago.

This pack packwill contain a lot of assets  to create a 2D  Platform game with a 16-bit Style.

Its Free to use on your own projects no credit required (but appreciated).

I'll be updating this pack regularly adding more elements, sprites an props over the time so please consider supporting or sharing it on your social networks.

Planned Features

  • Different areas
  • More enemies
  • More VFX
  • Different player characters
  • More music


Free version

  • You can use these assets in personal and commercial projects.
  • You can modify the assets.

Paid version

  • You can  use these assets in personal and commercial projects.
  • You can modify the assets.
  • Your contribution  help me to add more content
  • You can download the Godot Project and use it on your own games




Move - WASD or Arrows

Jump - Spacebar

Shoot - Shift key


Version 1


  • 3 parallax Background layers
  • Basic Tileset
  • 3 Plant Decorations

Expansion 1

  • Added another tileset to expand the pack.
  • Added an animated force field

Player Files v1

A fully animated Character Sprite for the player.  average size of the character 21 x 32 (width x height)  pixels pixels


  • Idle
  • Spin Animation
  • Slide
  • Duck (with shoot stance)
  • Idle Shoot
  • Run 
  • Running while shooting
  • Jump (and fall)
  • Hurt
  • Ladder Climb

Fx Files V1

Explosions, laser beams and picking fx feedbacks.

Enemy Files V1

  • Bat
  • Silme
  • Skeleton Walk
  • Skeleton Idle
  • Ghost Fury
  • Ghost Chase
  • Fire Ball
  • Fly Eye
  • Lizard Shooting
  • Lizard Skiping

Prop Sprites V1

  • Mine Support
  • crates
  • Gate
  • ladder
  • Column
  • consoles
  • fan
  • Pipes and mech things

Audio Music v1

  • Added SuperGrottoEscape Theme in wav and ogg formats


Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
Tags16-bit, 2D, game-asets, Metroidvania, parallax, Pixel Art, Tileset
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


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SuperGrottoEScape Audio Music
Mini Game for Windows 18 MB
Mini Game for MAC 34 MB
Super Grotto Escape 539 kB 11 MB
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Development log


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Super Grotto reminds me tough Amstrad CPC game, it is tough, very tough and unforgiving. Nice design of the levels and visuals.

A few things that could be improved IMHO:

-add sound level config, music became boring even annoying quickly (is it made on purpose ? :) )

-console could be accessed using a key, automatically is, again, annoying.

-character cannot use ladder on a jump, maybe it is because of his suit. It's became common to be able to do that in platform games, what do you think about adding this feature ?

Keep up the good work !

Thanks for the Feedback i will consider it.

These assets are amazing! I was wanting to make a video tutorial series with these and was wondering if it would be ok if I shared a link with edits of these? Of course, I would direct viewers here first, but for my purposes I had to arrange the sprites and tiles in a specific order and was hoping to share those.

Deleted 68 days ago

Sure thing! Go ahead.

Awesome, thank you!

Es un gran pack para realizar juegos lo mejor

Thank you very much! I use this pack in my first test game)

You are welcome! Happy gamedev!

I really love your style. Do you ever take commissions?

Thanks, No I dont.

I'm in love this pack, good job man!

Thanks, I am happy to hear that.

what is the correct speed for the animations in fps or ms?


I use around 12 fps

I like how the pack looks, but I am having trouble with the tile map. Can you tell me what the tile size, spacing, and offset is?

Thanks, Its 16x16, no offset.

Thanks for telling me.

Is this about a super escape from a grotto or an escape from a super grotto?

(1 edit)

None , is just a prefix to indicate that is in a 16bit super nintendo style.

It's a little known fact, that the more you have to explain a joke, the funnier it is :D


i used the first asset you made for the first game i ever made! i am glad you upgraded it!

Beautiful assets as usual from ansimuz

Thanks I'm glad you liked it.

These are beautiful

For Windows 10 ?

I don't think pixel art is dependant on any particular operating system.

Any system.

So beautiful!

This is so amazing I was just thinking of making something with your old pack and here you came with an expansion pack. 

I will definitely make something out of it! Thank you a lot!

great pack

Thanks I'm glad you liked it. dont forget to rate it.

Just a heads-up: I forgot to rate it. I'll go rate it.