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I don't understand how I could use the scenario to create a video game in construct3

How can I use to create a game in construct?

I love these and have started working on a conceptual project for them, hopefully will have something to show soon.

What resolution did you use for the demo game?

Dont remember but is around 240 x 300 or so.

How about a melee attack?

How about switching things up a bit and giving him a boomerang style weapon like in Power Blade for NES? It could be a futuristic Ring Weapon that you can upgrade.

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Can you make one for me? 

Here's a video of the weapon in action:

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I see Godot is supported but is Unity?

You can use the assets on any engine.

Love you, person!

This will really help, I’m struggling to make a minimap that doesn’t use a viewport with changed assets!

Glad it helped. I plan to make a godot 4 version in the future.

I have some experience so i believe I can translate/adapt it from 3.x for my uses on 4.x Anyway, thank you for your work!

hello, I downloaded your asset pack but the flashing battery is not in the zip files. can you please help? thanks.

Sure, I updated te assets pack. Take a look.

cool, thanks a million bro.

Ohhh Pack colll


Thank you so much for this. I love your art style. I used this, and a lot of your other assets, for my first tiny game Running Wizard. <3

Super Grotto reminds me tough Amstrad CPC game, it is tough, very tough and unforgiving. Nice design of the levels and visuals.

A few things that could be improved IMHO:

-add sound level config, music became boring even annoying quickly (is it made on purpose ? :) )

-console could be accessed using a key, automatically is, again, annoying.

-character cannot use ladder on a jump, maybe it is because of his suit. It's became common to be able to do that in platform games, what do you think about adding this feature ?

Keep up the good work !

Thanks for the Feedback i will consider it.

These assets are amazing! I was wanting to make a video tutorial series with these and was wondering if it would be ok if I shared a link with edits of these? Of course, I would direct viewers here first, but for my purposes I had to arrange the sprites and tiles in a specific order and was hoping to share those.

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Sure thing! Go ahead.

Awesome, thank you!

Es un gran pack para realizar juegos lo mejor

Thank you very much! I use this pack in my first test game)

You are welcome! Happy gamedev!

I really love your style. Do you ever take commissions?

Thanks, No I dont.

I'm in love this pack, good job man!

Thanks, I am happy to hear that.

what is the correct speed for the animations in fps or ms?


I use around 12 fps

I like how the pack looks, but I am having trouble with the tile map. Can you tell me what the tile size, spacing, and offset is?

Thanks, Its 16x16, no offset.

Thanks for telling me.

Is this about a super escape from a grotto or an escape from a super grotto?

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None , is just a prefix to indicate that is in a 16bit super nintendo style.


It's a little known fact, that the more you have to explain a joke, the funnier it is :D


i used the first asset you made for the first game i ever made! i am glad you upgraded it!

Beautiful assets as usual from ansimuz

Thanks I'm glad you liked it.

These are beautiful

For Windows 10 ?

I don't think pixel art is dependant on any particular operating system.

Any system.

So beautiful!

This is so amazing I was just thinking of making something with your old pack and here you came with an expansion pack. 

I will definitely make something out of it! Thank you a lot!

great pack

Thanks I'm glad you liked it. dont forget to rate it.

Just a heads-up: I forgot to rate it. I'll go rate it.