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Cool bullets!I used it in my game!

These look amazing for free art, i'll definitley come back to this

  • Thank you very much. It helps me a lot

I made a (mostly complete) game with your assets and though I'd share it. This is my first game so it's may bug a little. This is a opera.gx only game right now so it's also gonna lag.

Pretty cool!

Muchas gracias son increíbles tus proyectos. 


De nada.

Definitely gonna try this out in my game! Looks super cool!

Thank you your pack is helped us to participate in GGJ, if i become a true game developper i will support you for sure !!!

How awesome asset is this!


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Thanks ! 

I was thinking that I can use your assets in my game, but I changed my mind and stopped using it. Nice work though.

neat megaman feel to them :)

Awesome! Loveit

Awesome! Thanks!

Awesome. I might have a use for these.

Great WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are awesome, love your work!

Thanks bro, nice projects

You are welcome!

Thank you


WOW! Thank you so much :D


Thank you very much! This is perfect for my shmup! :)

You are welcome!