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The color palette really stands out

Amazing art and BGM!!!

hi,i am planning to use a npc-design and the background for my project.The project is prepared for a minigame competition.Can i use them?


Hey, I am planning to use a npc-design for my educational project.

Hi, I plan to use your designs in my game for Destiny Oblivion!

Hi there.  I used some of your art for my browser-based Color by Number game:

Thanks, it's a lot of fun coloring them! :D

Hello Ansimuz, Is the title_screen.png file also free for commercial use? I plan to make a logo with a similar style.

yes it is. :D

yes it is. :D However the font is from somepx you would  need to buy that font if you want to use that.

Hello, Ansimuz, nice to meet you! I have a question about your free arts: can I use them in my games commercially? they will not be free.


yes they are free.

Não sei como agradecer, obrigado pela disponibilidade e a ajuda que você dá aos desenvolvedores de jogos diariamente, principalmente para aqueles que estão no início, assim como eu. Você já deve estar cansado de responder este tipo de pergunta, mas eu precisava ter certeza. Obrigado novamente por tudo! :)


Thank you ansimuz for your fantastic game assets. I made a prototype, playable on 

Cool! I love watching  my work put to good use in gamedev. Cheers.

you are my god!!


I love you