GothicVania Town is a complete Game Art Assets Pack to build a castlevania like town scene. All assets are made with beautiful pixel art.  

Pack Includes

  • 2 Layers Parallax Background
  • Tile set
  • Props like houses and barrels
  • 4 different townfolks npc with idle and walking animation each
  • Also this Pack includes Code for a playable demo made with the Phaser Engine

You may use these assets in personal or commercial projects. You may modify these assets to suit your needs. 

Credit is not required but appreciated it.

Music by Pascal Belisle

Music License
You are free to use the music in your projects as long as you give appropriate credit.
 Files are ready to use in transparent PNGs but I also include the PSD files and some gif animations. Sprites and spritesheets are included too.

More of my work

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(43 total ratings)
Made withPhaser
TagsAnimation, assets, castlevania, Characters, npc, Pixel Art, town, townsfolk
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


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Hey Ansimuz Community!

I wanted to give a huge shoutout to the amazing Ansimuz for his incredible GOTHICVANIA asset pack. I've been working on a game series called Bloodytears, a retro-style boomer shooter adventure platformer inspired by classic Castlevania, and Ansimuz's artwork has been a game-changer for me.

The Bloodytears Trilogy is designed to help players and developers learn the mechanics and layouts of various game engines. While I create some graphics myself in Aseprite and Paint.NET, the beautiful decorations and props from the GOTHICVANIA pack have allowed me to streamline the asset creation process and focus on learning and developing the game engines.

Currently, I'm developing Bloodytears 3D, where players take on the role of Aric, a warrior on a quest to defeat Dracula and restore peace to the land of Valdoria. The game is in early alpha, so everything is subject to change, but the journey has been incredibly rewarding so far.

If you're interested in checking out some nostalgic platformer action and supporting a project that features the fantastic art of Ansimuz, stay tuned for more updates on Bloodytears 1, 2, and 3!

Thanks again, Ansimuz, for your amazing work. Your art has truly brought my game to life!

Feel free to follow for updates and more information about the Bloodytears Trilogy!



I'll keep this short, sweet and to the point.

The asset pack is great! I used some parts in my game mechanic demo ( and I intend to use them for my castletown as I move foreward.

Thanks for making this possible!

Thank you for these great assets! I used them as set pieces in my new mobile game THE RISE OF ABELOTH! Download it for FREE and let me know what you think!



Great work, Congratulations!

Anzimuz’s assets are so flexible to edit! I love them!

I’ve made a 2.5D beat’em up with this pack, if you want to check the adaptation:

Hi Ansimuz. A question, what is the name of the title font?

(1 edit)

Hello, I made a game using your assets and gave the credits
Thank you for making these, they are really good :D
If you want to check it out:

Hi, I recently published my game Mikene's Aspects, which uses you asset, check it out.

Good work! Thanks for sharing!

Hello, we have downloaded your material, very beautiful, very exquisite, hope to use in our game, of course, we will mark your name! Thank you very much!

Thanks, glad you find it useful!

When my game is released on steam, thank you very much!

Just published our Vampire Survivors-like game Deadly Harvest and used SO MANY of your amazing assets! The woman in this pack became our main character, and the idle animation with her dress blowing in the breeze became her dash animation! =) (The cart from this pack also makes an appearance.) Thanks so much for all of your amazing work!


Good Work, I love to see finished games that use my assets. Best Wishes!

Hi, I recently published my game Light Keeper 2, which uses your asset, check it out.

Looks great, good job.

Another pack that I am grateful to you for. I used the backgrounds for this in my tower defense game. Really love the colors you use for your backgrounds. 


The color palette really stands out

Amazing art and BGM!!!

hi,i am planning to use a npc-design and the background for my project.The project is prepared for a minigame competition.Can i use them?


Hey, I am planning to use a npc-design for my educational project.

Hi, I plan to use your designs in my game for Destiny Oblivion!

Hi there.  I used some of your art for my browser-based Color by Number game:

Thanks, it's a lot of fun coloring them! :D

Hello Ansimuz, Is the title_screen.png file also free for commercial use? I plan to make a logo with a similar style.

yes it is. :D

yes it is. :D However the font is from somepx you would  need to buy that font if you want to use that.

Hello, Ansimuz, nice to meet you! I have a question about your free arts: can I use them in my games commercially? they will not be free.


yes they are free.

Não sei como agradecer, obrigado pela disponibilidade e a ajuda que você dá aos desenvolvedores de jogos diariamente, principalmente para aqueles que estão no início, assim como eu. Você já deve estar cansado de responder este tipo de pergunta, mas eu precisava ter certeza. Obrigado novamente por tudo! :)


Thank you ansimuz for your fantastic game assets. I made a prototype, playable on 

Cool! I love watching  my work put to good use in gamedev. Cheers.

you are my god!!


I love you