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Deleted 224 days ago

thanks for sharing.


Hi there! I just wanted to ask what color palette you're using. Your asset is amazing, by the way.


Not using any specific palete. Thanks


I'm really enjoying using this asset pack as a game for my portfolio, it's really awesome. Did you use a font for the SunnyLand logo or was it by custom design? 


I use a font from @somepx


Thank you!

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Edit: Sorry looks like you weren't the author of that tutorial D: 
Any way you can upload the original assets?

Original Comment:
Stuck at 19:30 in your tutorial. The asset files have completely changed. You should try downloading them, as they aren't even the same folders as in the tutorial (they have different names and file sizes and there's 5 not 4). And they don't work with the tutorial. There are no player PNG files, only PSD


By mistake i didn't uploaded the indivdual png sprites for the characters.

Just fixed that.

Let we know

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Awesome! Thank you!

Edit: Also great job with the assets, they are beautiful :)

You are welcome :D

They still are not working on my end and about 500 different orange and red error pop up

I really will use this pack in platformer games, I'll give you permission to use it *Thank you*

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Hi I really need some help. I came here following this tutorial:

but I'm stuck at 19:30. For some reason a lot of the 'player' folder (as well as many others) when imported into Godot for me can't be opened, they don't even have a dropdown arrow icon so like I can't actually access any of the sprites. What am I doing wrong? Please help.

P.S. I restarted my computer to see if that helped and Godot said something about needing a path for Blend Files. Does that help at all?

Same thing is happening to me, what are supposed to be png files are downloading as psd (photoshop) file

can always convert PSD files to PNG files using medibang or other paint programs that support PSD files.


I have updated the files with pngs

I have updated the files with pngs

Hey, having trouble finding where to download the assets. I saw how it was updated to allow for the unity transfers but I can't find exactly where to get the base assets. Anyone know? thank you

This doesn't help at all. Still won't show up.

By mistake i didn't uploaded the indivdual png sprites for the characters.

Just fixed that.

Let we know


Hey cool pack, my son is trying to learn how to use Godot by following a tutorial video that uses your pack, but we have ran into a problem in that we dont see the PNG folder that the tutorial has, did it get moved into another folder or are we just having issues finding them on our side?


Hi, the path fo the files are different in the Godot project. You will have to look for them in the search input. Best of luck.


The only .png files that I can find are the spritesheet ones though

Ahh we might have figured it out, we saw that there was sprite sheets that were png but did not know how to use them looks like it was explained later in the video and since the video was older i guess at the time all the sprite were separate png that is what had us confused. Thanks again for the awesome pack

very cool

I did it, I jump out of the map. This is fun.


Thank you so much for the assets! I love your art style. I got here via a freeCodeCamp video on learning Godot. :)

I'm glad! CHeers!

its showing invalid image on sprites

Just updated the files check again.

thanks.. all ok now ❤


Thank you very much for this asset, it is really incredible.

 I used it to create my game "Duck Rescue" you can try it for free.

Great! thanks for sharing!

I recommend you to add 16x16 tag, if it is 16x16 size

Will do thanks.


Love how unique the buildings feel, as well as most of the trees. Also the little animals are cute. Inspiring style, might have to try something simlar.


Thanks for the words.

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This is so beautiful :)

Hey! I'm a part of the Technology Student Association and wanted to use your asset pack to design a video game. I wasn't sure if it was copyrighted or not and I just wanted to ask just in case. Do you mind if I use this?

You can use them.

the assets looks very nice, im making a game with this assets because is very attractive.

Thank you so much for making this asset pack, I've really wanted to learn 2d game development in Unreal for a while now, but making assets always seemed so daunting (and I wasn't too good at it), this pack helped me to get started actually making the game I wanted to, and all the assets look spectacular!

Thanks I'm glad you liked it. Happy gamedev!

I used this asset (and several others from your collection) in my game, SpellVania.

Awesome work. Thank you!

Well done. Thanks for sharing.

thank you i made this funny game with this xd:

hey just wanted to post and say I've downloaded the asset pack and followed a tutorial from Cobra Code and it's been super helpful in learning the 2D workflow in UE5! Thanks again for your hard work creating these for us to use. When I finish my project, am I able to use this commercially as long as I credit you? This is my first major piece for my portfolio while in college


You are welcome. Best of luck.


Thank you!


i downloaded you assets for my first game.


Thank you for this high quality pack, I used some assets in my game, which I made for my university course:


@Zsky I also downloaded the pack for learning 2d on Unreal Engine 5 and I am a huge fan of this pack!

I just Download your pack for learning 2D on Unreal, amazing work that you did!

hi please can you share the proper folder of the game code and everything so that I can download it and directly open it in unity. Please this will be huge help. Im your big fan please make my day. I need this project for my college project. Please I request you 

THe project is not made in Unity. I uploaded the Phaser project if that helps. Additionaly you can watch tutorials to make this on Unity on the Brackeys youtube channel

I found this pack while learning unity using this course:


Thanks for putting your work out there for free. It was a huge help for me learning how to use Unity's 2D tools and getting a sense of how to author tilemaps.

Here's what I made:

Hey, huge fan of your work! Just wanted to let you know that the URL you added on the video description of the preview and timelapse videos for people to download this pack died, and now redirects to some other domain. Cheers, i wish you a great 2022 :)

Thanks for the heads-ups. Happy 2022!

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Can I use these assets in my game for commercial use?



Thank you!


Hi Ansimuz,

I just want to say I love your sprite assets here. I know on the description it said free to you, but I think it's proper if I asked permission from you to use this sprite assets for my game project I'm currently working on for mobile devices and PC/Laptops? Proper credits will be given at the credits of my game and a link to my game when finished. :)


Thanks. You have permission. Cheers.

Hi ansimuz, 

Here is my full complete game using your assets with your permissions. Credits have been given to you as promised


Thanks, I really appreciate it. Well done.  Best Wishes. 

Thanks. Glad you like it and really love your assets. Hoping to use these for future projects with your permission.

Hi Ansimuz,

Thank you for these beautiful assets. I wanted to use this asset pack for a book I am writing on Game Development using Godot. Would it be okay to use the game art in this pack? I will give you full credits in the book. Thank you! 

-Maithili Dhule

Sure no problem. Best wishes!

Thank you very much! If it is not too much trouble, could you please drop me an email saying that it is okay to use the SunnyLand assets in my book (since I need official permission)? You can reach me at: Thank you!


Hi Ansimuz!

I used your asset in my recently released game here on itch. I did not forget to include your name inside the game.

You can check the game here:

Thank you so much for creating this beautiful assets!

Good afternoon Ansimuz :)

Would I be able to use your tileset assets / examples of scenes that could be made as an example for an upcoming KitJam we at TuconGameDev are running? Looking for some pixel art examples to show what a 2d Level Design Kit might look like.

Great work btw!

Sure No problem. Best Wishes.

Awesome! Thank you :)

Hi you're awesome these assets are so lovely.

I used them in this game, it's in a game jam-

Hello I am starting to use Unity and I would like to create a project with your assets, since I would like to upload it to google play, I do not know if it would be correct to use them.
PS: I am using google translate, I don't know if I have any errors.
Thanks: D


yes you can!

What is the resolution of the tile set?

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