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Thank you!

Very nice assets! I use this to make a mini-game:

im using this and the other warped city pack to create a choose your own advneture book

I am using this in a game jam and crediting you! This is such a great asset pack! I love it it! Thank you!

I've used a cropped bit of this beautiful sunset in a pixel based tower defense game I'm working on. It's in LVL 3 right now.

Thank you!

Hi! Thanks a lot for your assets! I used them to create my first game and posted it here

looks really nice

Do you have any plans on making a top-down tileset of warped city perhaps in the future? i would love to use it for my game

Really love the colors on this piece. Can't beat that price either. I'd give you more if I wasn't so broke myself, haha. Cheers!

Thank you for the package.

I used your asset in a game I made for a Gam jam, also mentioned you in the credits and shared a link to this page on the submission page.


Great! Thanks for the credit. Happy Gamedev!

Thank you sooo much for these beautiful assets man perfect for my Game . I have mentioned you in credits.

Thanks for sharing this.


I really love this art. :) I've used it in my game.

Hello there! I'm want to use the character assets for a game I'm making and I wanted to see with you if it was ok. If you did say it was ok, I was going to switch up the character's color a bit. If this is all ok please tell me. Have a good day or night!

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Hello! I love your art <3, i used it to create a prototype video game and participate in LMOB Beginners Game Jam #20

Cool, Thanks for sharing!

created a demo/prototype with this pack -

Hello, I have used your asset in my game. added your name to the credits. If you don't want me to use your resources, I can delete the assets. (Sorry for the translation)

Steam İtch Moddb


Its good no worries.

This is awesome



you are a genius, it´s very good pixel art creator

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Your description and your More Information block are confusing when taken together.

Your “Music License” section describes terms akin to the CC-BY 4.0, but the “More Information” box says it’s under CC0, which is a public domain dedication. (Basically saying “I irrevocably give up my right to set rules for the use of this”.)

It was cc-by then I changed to cc0 later.  CC0 its the current license. 

Ahh. Probably a good idea to add a clarification in the description that it’s “CC0, except for the music which is…”.

Thanks for the feedback I'll update it asap.

No problem. Thank you for putting up some stuff I can include in my Libre Game Assets list. :)


Hi! What is the license for this? CC BY 4.0?

wow i love this graphic wow!!!!!!!!!


Lovely stuff!

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No but it would be weak of you not to.


Stop asking this question on people’s pages or you will get banned from comments across all of No begging for free content, asking to sell other people’s work, or asking if you can use stuff without credit.


you're the best !!


I love this

Thank you Ansimuz for the tileset, I used it in my cyberpunk platformer ! put you in the credits !

I LOVEE the way this looks so cool!!!!

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hey, really great tileset, i'm using it as a basis (well currently it's like 99% of the assets, but i'm in prototype phase, so that's gonna change, i'm planning to make my own assets using your palette while i go along) for my upcoming platformer. amazing work and the "do what you want" license is really helping me out here as someone who has literally not sold a single game so far :P

Hey, I plan to make a game in cyberpunk style. And your asset is perfect. I hope you do not mind. I will indicate you as the author of the graphics. This asset inspired me to play this game.

Hi, I plan to use your designs in my game for Destiny Oblivion!


Great work, nah.. EXCELLENT WORK...


Hey, do you think if I tried hard enough I could adapt this character to walk down and up as well? 😂 I love it so much

I'm sure you can! :p

great work as all of your work .thank you , can i use it in commercial game? 


thank you ;)

Dude, thank you. I've used quite a few of your tiles and backgrounds (albeit modified a bit to work with auto-tiling and randomly generated levels). It's just the aesthetic I was going for! Game is still a WIP, but here it is:
Your beautiful multi layered backgrounds really brought it to life in a way that exceeded my expectations.

Hi man, you are awesome. This assets are so beautiful, thank you so much for this. Greettings from Argentina. :D

Hi there.  I used some of your art for my browser-based Color by Number game:

Thanks, it's a lot of fun coloring them! :D

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hi man, i created some game with your artwork, it´s a shmup game, with random obstacle constuction. play the game at:

Cool, thanks for sharing!

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hey, your sprites is very cool :-)

Hello, I've downloaded the package but I'm surprised that these assets are just too low on resolution. Can we get higher-res?


Sorry I don't deliver scaled images. However its pretty easy te resize them via an online tool , photosop or with the game engine.

Hi man! You can resize it in Photoshop selecting image size and in there just at right side resample it says "Nearest Neighbour (hard edges)" this will still keep the sprites pixelated and sharp (not blurry) when you resize them.

ya bu teknik süpermiş! teşekkür ederim öğrettiğin için.

Rica ederim! Kolay Gelsin!

Rica ederim! Kolay Gelsin!

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